This blog is all about trying to improve the S25 area of Sheffield, which includes Anston and Dinnington, part of Rotherham borough and in the Sheffield city region.

Litter picking groups Rotherham and Sheffield

I helped to set up a Thursday litter pick at 10am that runs every week, from a different location across the S25 area, it could be in Dinnington one week and Anston the next.   This is aimed at the retired person, but could also be useful to the long-term unemployed, to get them back into a work routine.

I do a weekly litter pick around the last 6 houses on Victoria st Dinnington, if you would like to join me and increase the area covered.

Rotherham council

I am in regular contact with Rotherham borough council to remove fly tipping whenever I see it and to pressurise them to enforce and educate people, to reduce litter in the area.


I will pressurise Rotherham council to consistently enforce litter dropping, dog fouling and cigarette butts.  I don’t pick up litter because I enjoy doing it and don’t see why my council tax should go towards something that is totally unnecessary.

I will blog about any issues in the community of Anston and Dinnington, but also any positive improvements to the area.