Rotherham council Love my street coordinator.

Love my street.

I was shocked to find that Rotherham council had appointed somebody to this position, as I had asked Rotherham councillors who I had given time to in the Task and Finish report on litter cleaning, indications that I would very much like to apply for the job when it became available.

This is the first contact from Munro-Smith, Wayne

Good afternoon ALL

I am the Love my streets co-ordinator in the council and have recently taken over the responsibility for the Streetpride Volunteers. Some of you may have already had an email from me as this email is being sent to another large list of contacts held.

What I am doing at the moment is confirming our details are correct and people still want to be involved in this valuable scheme.

You will see my phone number below but ask for emails as I try to be out of the office as much as possible.

I would like to know if you still want to be a volunteer and how you feel about the scheme and what improvements you would like to see (if any)

I am here to support the role and want to assist where possible.

We will be marketing the role later this year to encourage more people to become involved.

I am also linking in with larger youth groups across the borough so maybe able to add some more resources to picks you are involved in

As well as advertise your picks (if wanted)

EG I am working with Don Catchment rivers Trust who are picking around the Don rear of Asda Dalton Monday 22nd August 10am til 4pm anyone wanting more info on that contact me I have a poster and further information

Any and all contact would be appreciated, and if this is the second email I apologise whilst I gather all the information together


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