Serious incident School St/ East St Dinnington last night

Last night I was woken up about 2am by banging and thought I ought to go and look and ensure nobody was trying to break in somewhere.   When I looked down to the children’s hard play area on East St, I could see blue flashing lights.  Me and another chap walked down so far and saw fireman trying to put out a serious blaze, thought we ought to keep away and let them get on with it.   There was an awful lot of smoke and the banging must have been an exploding fuel tank.

The next day I took a picture and you can see the evidence with you own eyes.  Tyre marks on the floor, battered school fence that needs replacing and burnt clothing and trainer that wasn’t there the previous day.  I don’t know whether the car was set on fire following a robbery or it was joy riders.

What ever vehicle was on fire was removed last night.

Serious incident Dinnington

Serious incident Dinnington

I am assuming the police now have all their evidence, as people are walking through the taped off crime scene.

Streetpride reference number:-

  • 1-399639673 – Debris
  • 1-399641758 – Highway/footpath damage inspection




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