School st, East St, Victoria St, Footpath number six litter

In the past I have removed the litter on a weekly basis from the Police station on Laughton rd up to Lordens Hill Rd, covering East St, School St, Victoria St and Footpath number six.  Once I got on top of this it took me less than 30 minutes a week.  But I didn’t see why I should do this on my own.

The Street pride litter picker came along a week or so ago and missed most of the grassed area down the side of the school, I could remove a number of black bags of rubbish from this area.

I have asked that Streetpride remove litter from this area every Saturday morning, which will help reduce deprivation in our community.  Lets see what their response is on this matter!

Street pride ref’s.

  • 1-400776673 – Litter removal request forwarded to our Street Cleansing department who will action as necessary
  • 1-400779797 – Litter Enforcement report issued to our Enforcement team to make them aware of the litter issues in this particular location

All the best



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