Dinnington Clown attack

Recently there have been a number of creeply clowns harassing people in Dinnington.  A day or so go somebody was attacked by a Clown between Scarsdale rd and the Best One shop Dinnington, I understand it was on the Victoria st service rd.

Since moving into this area I have been trying to get the Victoria St allotment area cleaned up, because it attracts all kinds of deprived behaviour.  Rotherham council up to this time have been fobbing me off, I even wrote to the Commissioners, Kevin Barron and Leader of Rotherham council, who fobbed me off with excuses.

This Clown fad is just another excuse for depraved behaviour in Dinnington, what has got to happen before South Yorkshire police do something about the depraved behaviour in Dinnington.  If it wasn’t Clowns they would find another excuse for behaving in this manner.   If the police aren’t careful somebody is going to end up getting killed in Dinnington.

I recently asked for help from the public of Dinnington to do something about the Allotment area, I then received a threatening email from somebody.  I have their Ip address and the police will be able to located their house address from this information.   Threats only make me more determined to do something about this.







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