Setting up a Sheffield litter picking group.

If you are looking at setting up a local Sheffield litter picking group, you may wish to get in contact with the lady who runs this facebook page. If you are a Sheffield resident, Sheffield city council will provide you with litter picking equipment for your group, you can find out more information on the facebook page.

Sheffield city Town Hall

Sheffield city Town Hall

It can be difficult to attract people to help you with your Sheffield litter picking group, but if you are good on social media, you may find some willing volunteers.    My best source of people for my litter picking group was the local Your mag magazine that goes around houses in my area, they are more than happy to write a free article for community groups.   Also the local Dinnington forum on facebook also helped me.   The Sheffield star and Rotherham advertiser are also willing to help community groups set up.

Tell me about your Sheffield litter picking group and I will blog about it for you.  What area of Sheffield and what day and time do you meet?

All the best



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