Love my street Rotherham

I was first told that Rotherham council were going to employ somebody to encourage people to help pick up litter on their street while helping with the task and finish group.  It was called the “Love my street” coordinator. The task and finish group were looking at ways of reducing the costs of litter removal in Rotherham.  Me and another gentlemen were invited in to give our suggestions to the team.

Task and Finish Group Rotherham

I must of spent 2 days of my time producing a report and attending the meeting.  I put it very simply that there needed to be more education of society,  enforcement to change behaviour.  This should result in less need to street cleanse and reduced costs.

Love my street coordinator

I actually asked that I should be considered for the new “Love my street” coordinator and made my views known to a couple of the Rotherham council staff.  I was upset that I was never told when this position was being advertised.   I wouldn’t have been bothered if I felt this individual was doing a good job, but my interactions with them, have put me off getting involved.

Web site and social media

I was expecting the “Rotherham Love my street coordinator”, to get a web site up and running and all the social media that goes with it.  I was expecting them to publicise the litter picking events across Rotherham and projects going of in Schools and society to educate people to care more for society.  Making people aware about penalties for littering and enforcement going off would discourage people from littering.  To date this has been poorly done as far as I am concerned.

Litter reporting App

On top of this the current system for reporting littering and fly tipping isn’t fit for purpose.  A simple app to report where the litter is and pin point on the map would help the Rotherham council workers.  I would also expect the person reporting an issue to be kept up to date with the progress of the job and to be notified by email when the job is complete.   Good customer service will reduce work in the long run.  I know there is already software on the market for this.

I have only seen the litter issue get worse the last 18 months around me, I dread to think what it would be like, if I wasn’t holding the council to account.

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