Rats on Victoria st allotments Dinnington

I have lived around here 18 months.  I have been told on at least 5 occasions that people have seen rats on the allotment area.  I thought these were exaggerated rumours.   A few weeks ago I walked around with the local warden and we found 4 dead rats across on a property, close to 20/30 bags of refuse.

I reported to environmental and still waiting for this issue to be resolved.   Streetpride say they can’t do work on private land, however they seem to have no problem when it is Scarsdale rd backs and Leicester rd backs.

I have been contacted by Community protection, who say they are in talks with the group who is supposed to be clearing up the allotment and the allotment owner.  We now have to wait another week to see if anything happens.

Next week I am told that somebody from the council is coming to look at the possibility of a rat infestation in the area.  It won’t be surprising as there lots of areas where household waste has been dumped on the allotments and I have seen large tins of animal food dumped there.

All the best



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