Fly tipping Rotherham borough council

I find it absolutely ridiculous that Rotherham council have to put up signs to warn people not to fly tip, before they use more covert methods like camera’s to catch them.  Any adult knows that its illegal to fly tip and shouldn’t need a warning.  Warning people that you are looking to catch them in an area, means they go to an area where there are no warnings.

Farm land fly tipping

We have been blighted both in our residential communities and countryside lanes by fly tippers.  I feel really sorry for farmers and believe the council should help them to clear their land, where the public have dumped it.

The country lanes down to Roche abbey have fly tipping at regular intervals.

The councils are talking about a pre Christmas crack down on fly tipping.

Many people know full well people removing their rubbish in a van, for very little are going to fly tip it.  If any evidence of your address is found in the rubbish, I hope the council fines you as well as the fly tipper.




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