Litter enforcement Sheffield and Rotherham councils

Enforcement by Sheffield and Rotherham councils is very poor.  Lets take Sheffield’s 1200 fines this year for littering, that is just over three a week.   As for Rotherham council the first time they did enforcement this year was in October and fined 200 people.

Freedom of information enforcement fines

I have requested enforcement figures for October and November through Freedom of information and will post when available.

Litter fines and duties

One £75 fine a day would cover the cost of an enforcement officer.  I would prefer people to be subject to litter duties of 10 hours, escalating by 10 hours each time they are caught.

Council tax

Why should the people of Rotherham be paying to have rubbish removed from their streets, when this is a totally unnecessary burden.  It also drags down neighbourhoods and creates crime.  Also why should litter picking groups be used as a cheap method of removing litter from our streets, do the councils think we are stupid.

All the best



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