Kingdom litter enforcement

I have just been talking to a district councillor in UKIP controlled Thanet.  They use Kingdom to enforce dog fouling, littering and dropping of cigarette butts.   Kingdom also pursues the enforcement notices through court if people fail to pay.  I am told that it has also reduced anti-social behaviour, as they are in contact with the local police to pass information on and their presence on the streets makes a difference.

Rotherham council don’t put enough resources into enforcement,  from the information I have received back from my freedom of information request.   They only bothered with enforcement in October and 50% of those fined still haven’t paid.  250 people were served enforcement notices in October.

I will now be seeing if Rotherham council will consider using Kingdom’s services to remove litter in our communities.  It’s possible that this service won’t even cost them anything and will actually provide a small income.

My request has been passed onto the wardens in Rotherham and I was given the following street pride reference 1-402952123.


All the best



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