Sheffield versus Rotherham litter enforcement

Over the last 12 months, there have been about 1200 people in Sheffield prosecuted for dropping litter.  Whereas only about 250 in Rotherham which was only carried out over the month of October.   Rotherham isn’t consistently enforcing littering, whereas Sheffield seems to be consistent over the whole year.

Sheffield enforcement

Sheffield is regularly taking people to court for non-payment of litter fines and naming and shaming the individuals in the Sheffield Star.  To date, I can’t find any evidence of any non-payers of fines in Rotherham borough going to court.

Rotherham enforcement

Of the 250 litter fines served in Rotherham borough during October, only about 50% have paid their fines in the last two months.  7 litter fines were served in Dinnington Sheffield and only one person has paid the fine so far.

Rotherham is falling well behind Sheffield in enforcement for littering and putting non-payers through the courts.

As far as I am concerned Rotherham borough is not fit for purpose in the enforcement of litter crime.  Litter crime is the first stage in more concerning crime appearing in our neighbourhoods and needs to be stamped out.

All the best





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