Email to Director and assistant director Regeneration & environment Rotherham council

I have sent the following email to Damien Wilson the Stategic Director and Karen Hanson the Assistant Director of the Regeneration & Environment.  Rotherham council.

I have lived on Dinnington Victoria for about 18 months.  I am concerned about the amount of litter dropped on the floor and also fly tipping on disused private land.   I actually go out of my way to do a weekly litter pick in the immediate vicinity of my house and remove half a black bag of rubbish a week.  I am only collecting around 6 houses, so this is a large amount of rubbish in such a short time.  I also helped to set up a weekly litter pick group for the S25 area, that older citizen’s get involved in.

I went to the trouble to attend a Task and Finish group regarding reducing Littering about 12 months or so ago.   I spent about 2 days effort in providing information to this group.  I have seen no real improvements in the last 18 months.  If anything the situation has gotten worse.

Litter and fly-tipping are the first stages of our communities descending into crime ghetto’s, especially related to drugs and anti social behaviour.

I see the matter as very easy to resolve:-

There is a free tool called  This tool is offered to local councils for free.  It allows people to report littering, fly tipping and dog fouling via a telephone app.  The tool accurately pinpoints on a map with a photograph and allows a report to be printed off the next day so that street cleaners can deal with the issues collectively and efficiently.  I am fed up of having to re report littering and fly tipping and not getting feedback when issues have been cleaned up.  This is poor customer services.

Education of the public.  I live close to Dinnington Junior and infant school.  While on Christmas vacation the litter issue around my house reduced 50%.  There seems to be little education going off in the local schools or community.

There is supposed to be an initiative called “Love my street”,  but there is no website or social media for this initiative and I have never seen any posters around my area.   This initiative should be broadcasting projects and litter enforcement warnings.

Disused areas of private land.  Are used as dumping grounds for fly tipping.  Especially the Victoria st Allotments.  I have reported two areas of private land over 12 months ago, but nothing ever happens to force the landowners to fence off and clean up.  If these areas of land were cleaned up, it would most likely help to reduce littering in the area.

Enforcement isn’t consistently happening in the borough. I understand that 250 people were fined for dropping litter in October, but no other fines were given out for the rest of 2016.  From freedom of information, I was told that 50% of those fined, haven’t paid their fines two months later.  I would expect these people to be speedily taken to court to act as a deterrent to other.  7 people were fined for littering in Dinnington, 6 of those still haven’t paid their fines.

I have been talking to another borough council who use  They do the enforcement on your behalf and take people to court.  They may not even be any cost for the council and it may result in a small income.  Their presence on the streets also helps to reduce crime and they are in contact with the police while doing their job.

I would be grateful if you would tell me how you will put my mind at rest, regarding the 4 highlighted points above?

If there are any opportunities for me to come and work for the authority in dealing with the above issues, I would be very interested to do this in a paid position.  I have a background in Information technology (Telecom manager at HSBC for 15 years) and also behavioural change training (Neuro Linguistic Programming master practitioner). 

Yours in anticipation

Tim  Wells










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