Swinston Hill rd Dinnington dangerous rd

As a cyclist, I found out how dangerous Swinston Hill rd was during the summer.  It’s too dangerous to cycle down this road, as it is necessary to pull out into the middle of the road to avoid potholes.  If you pull out into the middle of the road, it’s highly likely you are going to get hit by a fast speeding car in either direction.


I reported this road as dangerous back in the summer.  At the start of the winter, some heavy rain washed away the road surface.  A number of cars ended up having punctures on this stretch off rd and we are lucky that nobody was seriously injured or even killed.

Temporary patches

All that Rotherham street pride did was apply temporary patches to the road.  The other day I drove down Swinston Hill rd, even in a car it’s not safe to drive down the left-hand side of this road.  I have again reported this road surface to Rotherham street pride.

I am informed that they are going to repatch much of Swinston Hill rd, to the junction of Woodsetts rd.  I am not sure patching is really that good, as in the long run these surfaces don’t last very long and are more expensive than doing the job right in the first place.


Have you ever considered how much tax you pay to drive on British roads?  There is the annual road fund licence and you pay between 60/70% road tax on every gallon of petrol or diesel you buy.  We should be driving on the best roads in the UK if only 30% of the above tax collected was used to repair roads.  We are currently giving £12 billion in foreign aid, when people in our own country aren’t being looked after.




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