Dinnington police versus South Yorkshire staffing levels.

Dinnington is lucky to have a couple of PCSO’s covering our area at any one time.  If these are on a morning and afternoon shift, this leaves no cover at night.  The police station has been closed down and you will be lucky to catch one of the PCSO’s on their tea break at the Resource centre.

We are told that South Yorkshire police don’t have enough staff, but see this tweet here from South Yorkshire police.  That is utter rubbish.


Dinnington and Anston populations.

Dinnington and Anston have a combined population of 25K.  Divide 1.33 million people in South Yorkshire by 25K.  Which means there should be 0.01879 police in Dinnington for every South Yorkshire staff member.

Staffing levels for Dinnington Police station

46.3 Police officers

3.77 PCSO’s

5.8 Specials

47.2 Civilian staff

Yes I realise that 50% of these officers are doing more specialised tasks, but lets half numbers and that still amounts to 25 Police officers in Dinnington.

Distribute South Yorkshire police staff more evenly.

We are told that South Yorkshire police can’t afford a station in Dinnington.  Poor excuse, why build centralised police stations so big.  South Yorkshire have two large ones I know about at the bottom of the Park way and at Carbrook.  More stations could have been distributed over South Yorkshire.

Dinnington police station

Basing 50 civilian staff at Dinnington, means travelling for many is reduced and creates a presence in Dinnington.  Modern communications allow computers and switchboard functions to appear centralised when the staff are distributed more evenly across South Yorkshire.   I should know as I work for the information technology department at HSBC in Sheffield for 15 years.

Having 50 Civilian staff in Dinnington, means that they can provide a public doorway to the police and police officers can also be located there.  Police officers coming and going to this building throughout the day and night while on duty, will give reassurance to the public and keep criminals on their toes.  A higher police visibility locally in residential areas, is better than in business areas where there are few residential properties.

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