Rotherham borough council enforcement notices December

This is a freedom of information request I made in January for enforcement notices made in December for littering, dog fouling, fly tipping etc.  Find first the letter of reply answering various questions and then the table for December in pdf format.

Freedom of Information Request 987-16
Request & Response

To whom it concerns I would like you to provide the following information, please.

Enforcement notices for December. By area across Rotherham borough. Further broken down to Littering, Fly tipping, Dog Fouling and other such notices for environmental anti-social behaviour.

Please see the attached pdf spreadsheet.

I would also like to know how many children were caught dropping litter for the month of December, by area across Rotherham borough? What action was taken against the children to ensure they don’t repeat the behaviour?

No enforcement notices were issued to children in December. Where children are witnessed littering or not cleaning up after their dog, an initial warning would be sent to them and their parents. If the behaviour is repeated a fixed penalty notice will be issued with the potential for prosecution if the fine is not paid.

I would also like to know the enforcement fines outstanding from the preceding 12 months?

There are 29 fixed penalty notices which have not been paid in the last 12 months and are progressing to legal action in the courts.

RMBC FOI 987-16

I would also like to know of any enforcement notices that have been taken to court this month and how much the fine was?

Offence date Details Fine Costs Hearing date

23/07/2015 Failed to comply with two Improvement Notices regarding housing disrepair

Fine £12,500.00 Costs £450.00 20/12/2016

20/02/2016 Failed to comply with Improvement Notice regarding housing disrepair and failed to licence a house subject to Selective Licensing

Fine £1000.00 Costs £273.74 13/12/2016

21/03/2016 Failed to comply with a Community Protection Notice regarding accumulation of waste

Fine £2,500.00 Costs £1,985.12 01/12/2016

11/05/2016 Failure to remove dog faeces forthwith

Fine £100.00 Costs £0.00 13/12/2016

25/06/2016 Leaving litter

Fine £210.00 Costs £100.00 13/12/2016

Can you also confirm if you have let anybody off following an enforcement fine in the last 12 months, even though they haven’t paid a fine?

One fixed penalty fine was withdrawn due to the ticket being issued incorrectly. Three further tickets issues were found to be issued to people who had given false details and were untraceable.

Attached PDF showing enforcement fines in December


Hopefully, those refusing to pay their enforcement notices will appear in the Sheffield and Rotherham star.  This should publicise and reduce litter crime in Rotherham borough.




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