Derelict land behind Bullseye Dinnington.

This land doesn’t belong to Bullseye.  It belongs to somebody in Australia who was trying to sell through a local estate agent.  The trouble is they will never sell this land while it is polluted and covered in Japanese Knotweed.

Rotherham council environmental

I got onto Rotherham council environmental over a year ago about this land.  They told me that they served notices on the land owners, but nothing has been done to remove the Knotweed or rubbish.


Because this land is polluted, it attracts further fly tipping.  I have previously asked for two industrial cooling units to be removed, a mattress a month ago and now there is a fridge there.  There is also a mattress pushed over the fence further down.

I am going to be back onto Streetpride and environmental to do something about it.

Street pride reference 1-402680609

School st

School st

All the best



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