Disused land Dinnington Laughton rd

I remember fairs being kept on this land in my childhood, but it has become more disused over the years.  Noticed last week that somebody has cleared the land, I didn’t realise the plot of land was so big. I suspect this land is going to be sold off to a developer.  I can see another flat type development, people make more money out of it, but it doesn’t look good.

Disused land Laughton rd

Disused land Laughton rd

Disused land Laughton rd

Disused land Laughton rd





4 thoughts on “Disused land Dinnington Laughton rd

  1. Tim, This land is to the rear of our property..thank god its been cleared it had become over grown and infested with rats. no idea what the plans are for it now? we keep checking for planing applications.


      1. We bought this property in1995, and when we bought it the land seemed abandoned and overgrown then.
        There were fairground rides, which never moved and decayed over time, parked at the top end near Laughton Road.
        In 2004 I was working on my garden and two obnoxious men were on the land and came looking over my back wall complaining someone had dumped rubbish on the land and asked me if I knew who had dumped it. They appeared to be Romanies and we have heard the land belongs to fairground people.
        We complained to the council about the rats and asked them who owned the land, they said they knew who it belonged to but wouldn’t tell us!


      2. Hi Andrew. I went to Dinnington High in 1975 to 1980 and the fair ground equipment did get used then. It has taken me 2 years to get council to serve enforcement notices to clean up Victoria st allotments. Contact RMBC environment, they have new powers now. All the best Tim


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