Dinnington Victoria st/Lordens hill rd allotment renovation meeting

It was great to meet on site today with senior executives of Rotherham council and local town councillors to discuss the clean up of the allotment site.

The following people attended:-

  • Damien Green Chief executive of Environmental and regeneration
  • Lewis Coates           Environmental Rotherham council
  • Unknown                 Environmental Rotherham council
  • Emma Hoddinott   Ward councillor for Wickersley in charge of these types of projects across Rotherham council.
  • Simon Tweed          Dinnington ward councillor
  • John Vjestica          Dinnington ward councillor

This is a video of the current site, out of respect for the girl who was murdered, I haven’t videod down the footpath.   It looks like fly tipping has continued on the site even after the recent murder there, because there was a lot more flytipping since I took this video the other day.  It was suggested that this area is worse than anything at Eastwood in Rotherham.


We had a walk around the allotment area and discussions took place on what could be done.  There is a main drain that runs from the shops at an angle all the way across the allotments very close to the surface.  This would make it difficult for houses to be built on the middle two plots.

Enforcement notices to be served.

The first action is to ask the land owners to fence off and clean up their land under new laws.  This will take up to April before further action and direction would be made in the courts.

Community group

There is supposed to be a community group bringing two of the middle allotments into use.  These plots belong to Peter Rawlinson and the owner of the Butterfly farm.  Whether this ever gets off the ground is another thing.


There was talk about the footpath having lighting, a better surface and the trees removing from above it.


If the landowners don’t take action to clean up and fence off their sites, there is talk about the council carrying out the work and charging the owners for it, but this will require due process through the courts.  It was suggested that this clearance could cost up to £20K, this was a figure previously quoted.


I was informed that there may be funding in a pot that can be used for this site.

Rotherham council

The Rotherham council representatives are now going to go away and have a meeting and give us a proposal for an outcome.

It looks like there is a solid groundswell to renovate the allotment sites and it should happen sooner rather than later.  I will be chasing the council up again in a months time to see how matters are progressing.

All the best



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