Donaster/Rotherham litter enforcement through Kingdom.

I was recently talking to a district councillor at Thanet a UKIP controlled metropolitan controlled council.   They told me about their experiences using Kingdom enforcement agency.  Kingdom enforcement officers all wear uniforms and work in partnership with the police to reduce anti-social behaviour.


Give out fixed tickets for dog fouling, littering etc.  Any unpaid fines are taken through the courts by Kingdom.   I understand that the local council will receive a small amount of revenue for each fine, but I assume this is dependent on the contract.


Rotherham council are doing a poor job of enforcement.  They did a blitz in October, where they caught about 200 people.  However before and since then little was done regarding enforcement.  I don’t see why I should live in streets covered in litter or why my council tax should be going to removing unnecessary litter from the streets.


I contacted Rotherham council both through Streetpride and also I sent an email to Damien Wilson. Rotherham Council Strategic Director of Regeneration & Environment.  I suggested they used Kingdom for litter enforcement.

I had a meeting on Tuesday with Damien Wilson and a number of senior people from Rotherham and Dinnington council, regarding renovation, of the Victoria st allotments. One of the environmental officers told me that Rotherham council was about to go into a partnership with Doncaster council and use Kingdom for litter enforcement.  I understand that Doncaster city council are already using Kingdom for litter enforcement.

I am not sure if my emails to Rotherham council made any difference or whether discussions were already in place with Kingdom and Doncaster city council.


Rather than fining people, I would prefer people to have to do litter duty fines of 10 hours for the first fine and 20 hours for the 2nd.  I think this would serve better to educate people and reduce littering on our streets.

I would also like to see a strategic education policy through schools and local communities to reduce littering and other anti-social environmental behaviour.  Litter is the first level of crime and attracts worse crime.

All the best



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