Lordens Hill rd unsatisfactory rd surface

I have reported the Lordens hill rd surface as being dangerous on two occasions.  These are a couple of replies from the people who maintain our roads.  I am unsatisfied with the answer and have asked my local councillor, Simon Tweed to see if he can escalate.  Yesterday I bumped into two Streetpride workers trying to fill the holes with a spade and tarmac.  The Streetpride workers were having to dodge out into the road, while heavy traffic was passing.  Later as I walked back, they had made very little difference to the road surface.

It would be helpful if more people reported this to Streetpride.  Before we get a situation like Swinston hill rd, where about 5 cars ended up with punctured tyres that could have resulted in a serious road accident.

Note how my original report was made in the middle of January and the road wasn’t made safe in 24 hours.  I have chased this issue up a number of times.  I was told by the Streetpride workers, that they were only filling the holes in because a funeral procession was using it tomorrow.

Streetpride reference Streetpride ref. 1-403269418

Dear Mr Wells

Thank you for your email, I will address the points you have made below.

The filling in of actionable potholes is an acceptable ‘reactive’ repair to ensure safety in accordance with the Authorities current codes of practice. The Authorities preferred maintenance would be to carryout prevention of deterioration, such as thin surface treatments, or where required, permanent resurfacing. Unfortunately the budgets would not cover preventative treatments or resurfacing schemes on all sites throughout the borough.

You have requested an inspection along the length of Lordens Hill.

The Authority is aware of the current condition of Lordens Hill as a complete condition survey was carried out during January 2017.

You mention that you can’t understand why Rotherham council choose to do estate roads before more heavily used carriageways.

The Authority has budgets allocated to use on the various types of carriageways. Over the last couple of years additional funding has been specifically allocated for the unclassified network, estate type roads. This funding was not able to be used on the Classified network, A, B and C class roads such as Lordens Hill.

Over the last two financial years £370,000 has been spent in the Dinnington area on Highway schemes, £58,000 has been spent on the Classified network.

You mention that you don’t understand the issue with the lack of money and that you pay your road fund licence and tax on your petrol.

The Authority does not have a say where the tax goes regarding road fund or petrol. The funding to the Authority for Highway maintenance is Government allocated and is extremely limited and will not go anyway to ensuring repairs are completed to all areas identified.

Kind Regards

Assistant Engineer

Community Safety and Streetscene

Dear Mr Wells

Thank you for your report regarding the condition of the carriageway at Lordens Hill Dinnington.

The authority’s primary objective is to ensure that Rotherham’s roads and footways are maintained to the nationally recognised safety standards.  This is achieved by our Highway Inspection & Enforcement team, which carries out routine Safety Highway Inspections on a regular basis, between 1 and 6 months dependent on the type of road.  Sometimes this means that pothole and patching repairs are appropriate, in other cases more substantial schemes are undertaken.  Dangerous defects are always given a very high priority and are generally made safe within 24 hours of being identified.

As part of the Council’s long-term highway maintenance plan, visual and/or mechanical surveys are carried out on all roads and footways in Rotherham.  This data provides condition information for the adopted highway network within the RMBC boundary and also provides information to assist in the creation of maintenance programmes.

The maintenance programme is also influenced by the budget structure, which is broken down to fund treatment type and road classification.

Unfortunately, our budgets are limited and we are unable to carry programmed repairs on all roads that have been identified.  Where this is the case we will always ensure that we carry out routine inspections and arrange for the immediate repair of any hazardous defects if they do occur.

The 2017/2018 works programme has been reviewed and I regret to inform you that Lordens Hill has not been included. Lordens Hill has however been recorded on the Authorities long term maintenance programme for future resurfacing. Unfortunately I am unable to provide a date for when resurfacing work would be undertaken. This site will be discussed, along with other reports and issues, at schemes review meetings.

My colleagues in Streetworks Safety and Highway Enforcement will continue to attend site on a cyclic basis and deal with any safety issues accordingly.

For your information the latest works programme and current codes of practice can be found on the Council’s website at the address: http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/downloads/200083/roads_highways_and_pavements.

Kind Regards

All the best



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