The psychology of the public smoking ban versus dropping litter

I maybe a Hypnotherapist but it is beyond me why it was so easy to enforce the smoking ban in public places, but so difficult to stop people littering their community.  But then again it maybe the fines, the onus is really on the Premises owner not to allow it.  Dropping litter in a public place has a £75 fine.  Smoking in a public place is £50, whereas a premise owner condoning smoking receives a £200 fine.  I think there should be more onus on premises clearing up around themselves daily, especially cigarette butts as well as litter.

We need to make it as painful for people to litter as it is to smoke in public, we need to make littering something people feel ashamed to do.


We certainly need to see more education in schools and the community, backed up with consistent litter enforcement.  I would like to see the £75 litter fine becoming a 10-hour litter duty, this would really change behaviour and make the individual committing the crime embarrassed in public.


It’s obvious why so many fly tip, they do it at night on a dark country road, expecting not to be caught.  Unless surveillance camera’s, are used at hot spots with no warning, I doubt this will change in the future.  However, I do think that businesses should be allowed to use council dump it sites for an annual fee.

All the best



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