Office of the Police and crimes commissioner (O.P.C.C) South Yorkshire police operating costs

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I recently attended a public meeting by Alan Billings the Police and crime commissioner (P.C.C) in Dinnington, following the murder.  I thought he did nothing but waffle and fob us off.  I decided to write to him and suggest a way that he could better distribute the South Yorkshire police officers to better fight crime, at the same time I asked him for the costs of running his department.

O.P.C.C. operating costs South Yorkshire

I wanted to know the costs of staff, office costs and expenses.  I have been fobbed off with this document that they produce annually.

Total financing for Alan Billings department was £240,128 in 2015-2016.  I am going to assume this is the figure I requested above.  Staffing costs, office costs and expenses.

Politicises policing

I believe that the O.P.C.C department further politicises the police and should be removed and the Chief constable takes back responsibilities…

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