Plastic recycling Rotherham borough council RMBC

Rotherham council is pretty good on the recycling side of things.  But like most authorities poor on plastic recycling.  The only recycling they do regarding plastics is take in plastic pop bottles at the recycling centres.


There have been reports of plastic getting into our oceans, then breaking down and getting into the marine life which isn’t good for us.  On top of that, there is plastic everywhere in our hedgerows, which will contaminate our farm land.


At the very least Rotherham council and other authorities need to get plastic separated and stop putting in the landfill.  The council need to burn the plastic or look at ways of reusing the plastic for other things.

It is possible that Rotherham council separate the plastics out of household waste, before it goes to landfill.  I will ask Streetpride this question?


Need to look at using other packaging and other methods to reduce waste after the product has been eaten.

Litter enforcement

Needs to be taken more seriously so that plastics don’t get into our countryside or oceans.  Too many people are tossing plastic bottles out of their car windows, thinking they will never get caught.  Probably enforcement cars with a camera could stop this in the day time.


Educate the public that they are polluting our seas and countryside and need to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

All the best






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