Victoria st/Lordens hill rd allotments progress.

Progress is now happening thick and fast on the polluted Victoria St/Lordens Hill allotments.

The first allotment has been cleared up and secured, however, I have concerns about sustainability.

The 2nd allotment which I think the Community group will turn into an allotment is waiting to get off the ground.

The third allotment which you can see in the picture, is looking good.  The third allotment is owned by the Butterfly farm.  I think the Butterfly farm may put wildflowers over it, which will be good for wildlife and especially butterflies.

The 4th allotment is being cleaned up slowly, without any mechanical equipment.

I have also just met with enforcement today.   There was talk about the possibility of street lighting on the footpath and also that they would talk to householders in the area about cleaning up their gardens because this would regenerate the area.

Victoria st/Lordens hill allotments

Victoria st/Lordens hill allotments

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