New modern police station for Dinnington

I think we all agree that the existing Dinnington police station isn’t fit for purpose and should be replaced with a modern up to date station on the existing site.   It would be so easy to erect a prefabricated building at little cost.

Dinnington police station

Since the closure of Dinnington police station, crime seems to have escalated in our community.  There is no deterrent to criminals and the reaction from the police is so slow, because the nearest police station is 6 miles away at Maltby.  Having 6 police officers based here on each shift, would ensure that they would be coming and going throughout the day and be a visible presence in the community


Police based in our community would be able to take a more proactive role to reduce crime and prevent it.

Safe haven

There should always be a safe haven in the community for anybody in danger to go to and the public need face to face contact with the local police.  Even the old police station didn’t allow the public to go inside.

PCSO’s resource centre

A couple of PCSO’s in Dinnington resource centre, who are unavailable during the night and very hard to contact anyway, isn’t acceptable.


Please sign this petition and forward on to friends.  Click on the police station to access the petition.


All the best





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