Dinnington Victoria st/Lordens Hill allotments latest.

This is the current status of the cleanup of the Victoria st allotments.  100% better, but I don’t believe the current status is sustainable and things will revert back if we aren’t careful.

This is the video and then I will analyse things plot by plot.  Please bare with me and watch the whole video, as I come back from the service rd side of Victoria st allotments.

Plot 1

Starting furthest away from the allotments.  Belongs to a builder.  He has already approached the Comunity group to buy the 2nd allotment.  The community group have leased the 2nd allotment for 10 years and don’t own it.

Plot 2

The community group did a mass clear up two weeks ago.  Since then the allotment work has ground to a halt.  I was told they would be doing further work this weekend, but it didn’t go ahead unless I misheard.  They also need to draw down funds to fence off the allotment.

Plot 3

I thought this all belonged to the Butterfly farm.  But I have found out the builder who owns plot 1, also owns half of this plot.  I like what the Butterfly farm have done, it looks like they are growing a hedge at either end.  I understand they have sown wildflowers on it, which will attract Butterflies.

The builder who owns half of the plot has done the bare minimum.  This hasn’t been secured and will soon become overgrown.

Plot 4

Belongs to another local businessman, who still hasn’t cleared his site fully.

House building

I have no objection to allotment plots being built on, but I don’t want to wait 10 years for the whole site to be developed.  However, it is only possible to build on plot 1 and 2 due to the main drain for Dinnington running under the surface close to the top.


I was told by councillors that they were looking at tarmacking the footpath and lighting it.

Footpath Hedge

Currently, this has only been cut back.  I was told that the height of these massive confers would be reduced.  I am sure that 10ft conifers are high enough.  It makes the footpath very dark and intimidating.


The border all around the allotments still looks very tatty and is infested with rubbish.

Best one carpark

Can’t believe the amount of rubbish that gets blown into the allotment hedge from the large car park.  Time certain locals learnt to put their rubbish in the bins.

If you know something I don’t, please let me know.

Finally, this is how the allotments looked last year.








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