Rothervalley Dinnington/Anston past, current and future suggested policing

12 months ago Dinnington Police station was closed down.  Prior to that, we had 4 PCSO’s visibly patrolling the streets in Anston, Dinnington and Woodsetts.  They were also backed up by police officers based in Dinnington police station.   This helped reassure the public that the police were on their side and acted as a deterrent.

Current Dinnington policing

We are now policed from Maltby police station, the only station in the Rothervalley constituency. We are lucky to have two PCSO’s, they are supposed to have a room in the Dinnington resource centre, but this is rarely manned.  Sometimes these PCOS’s have to travel on the bus to get from Maltby to Dinnington.  These PCSO’s seem to be working on the same shift and not morning and afternoon shifts.  There is no cover in Dinnington at night.

Our Town councillor Dave Smith did a shift with the two PCSO’s.  On that occasion they had a car and only spent 30 minutes in Dinnington the whole shift and that was to buy their lunch.

Murders and other serious crime

We had a murder in Laughton in December and January in Dinnington.  Other crime such as theft seems to be escalating and we have had some other serious incidents since.  There was talk of a man with a knife at the Dinnington Resource centre only yesterday.  There is a serious underlying issue, probably due to many people who were left on the scrap heap following the closure of the mines, which affected future generations.

Proposal for Rothervalley policing.

Rather than having such a large police station at Maltby.   I would recommend three smaller units.  Anston/Dinnington, Maltby and Aston/Swallownest.  This would act as a triangle in Rothervalley and provide a much better response locally and also across the constituency.   The three smaller units, would only require a public desk, meeting room, cell and toilet.  This would cut building costs considerably.  These could be portable units on car parks or incorporated into existing buildings.  Control could then be carried out from large buildings that already exist within Sheffield.  This totally negates Alan Billings saying that local policing would increase building costs.

Police officers distribution

South Yorkshire police currently have 2500 officers.  There isn’t a shortage of police officers, they are just badly distributed.  Rothervalley has a population of 75,000.  Therefore each police station would serve 25,000 people.  For every 25,000 people, there are 50 police officers.  I recommend basing 25 police officers locally and 25 police officers in South Yorkshire polices central pot to do centralised duties.  There would still be 1250 officers based centrally in South Yorkshire.

Police stations

Each of the three police stations should be open 24 hours a day for the public to access, there has to be a point of safety for the public.  The desk could be manned by a civilian member of staff.    25 police officers based at each station, should leave 6 on duty at any one time.

Lets take Anston/Dinnington Police station.

That means that we could have four officers on the beat around Anston, Dinnington, Laughton, Woodsetts 24/7.  This would also leave two officers driving around in cars 24/7.

Proactive rather than reactive policing.

I think my solution answers the above heading.

Yours in anticipation



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