Rotherham borough council litter enforcement and Kingdom

I have been onto Rotherham council through freedom of information to provide statistics on fines for Littering and Fly tipping.   They refused to provide my last lot of requests because they said that they were going to produce publicly.   I have now been provided with a public link to their information, this should be updated quarterly. 


Disappointed that the 20% or so of people who didn’t pay the fines haven’t be brought before court yet.  Take Dinnington for example, out of the 7 people fined for littering, 3 have paid up and 2 gave bogus addresses.


Enforcement hasn’t been consistent enough.  A mass enforcement event was conducted in October of last year and that has been it for littering.


I spoke to a UKIP councillor at Thanet who used Kingdom to do their enforcement and Kingdom also take individuals to court who refuse to pay.  I suggested that Rotherham council use Kingdom and was fobbed off, I then raised this with a senior person in charge of Environmental and regeneration.  I don’t know whether Rotherham council are using Kingdom because of me or they were already in the process of consulting Kingdom.  I understand the Kingdom contract will be between Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham.

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