Rotherham borough council litter enforcement Kingdom

I have been pushing for this for the last two years.  I contacted Damien Wilson the head of Regeneration and environment in Rotherham council and asked him to consider using Kingdom.  I don’t know whether Rotherham council are now using Kingdom due to my pressurising them or it was already under consideration.  I contacted a local councillor at Thanet who are UKIP controlled and were using Kingdom to do their enforcement.

Rotherham council say that they are hoping to reduce their current spend on litter cleansing, but I believe this figure would be much greater if a more thorough job was carried out.

This is the article talking about it in the Rotherham advertiser.  Hopefully, this will give those who discard their litter in the street a big shock.,new-envirocrime-team-gets-to-work

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