Delivered 3650 petition to SY Police HQ to reopen Dinnington Police station

Through Dinnington Town council a request was made for the Chief constable of South Yorkshire police to visit us.  We were fobbed off with the Chief inspector of Rotherham and a possible date in the future with the Chief constable of SY at the local college.

SY Police HQ

SY Police HQ

I decided to deliver the 3650 petition to the Chief constable of SY at his HQ in Attercliffe.  When SY police say they have no money to provide local hubs for policing, this is totally contradicted by the flashy office complex they have for the more senior executives in the SY police force.  No expense has been spared.

I had to use the intercom on the gate and was let through to the reception desk, where I left the petition and covering letter.  I also left a copy letter for the assistant chief constable David Hartley.

This is the receipt I received from the front desk.

Petition receipt

Petition receipt

Covering letter

Tim Wells

68 Victoria st


Sheffield S25 2SF

01909 282435


Dear Stephen Watson

Please find 3650 signatures we have collected so far to request the reopening of Dinnington police station. We have both an online and paper petition.

I request that you read comments on both the online and paper forms to understand better peoples feelings.

The police station could be a portable building on a local car park or incorporated into the bus station or other public building. The station would require a cell, meeting room, front desk and toilet.

This building should be open 24 hrs a day and manned by civilian members of staff, so that the public have a contact point but also a point of safety in an emergency. Where do any of us go if our safety is in doubt?

We are told that South Yorkshire (SY) police are short of numbers, but for every 1000 people there are 2 police officers available. Dinnington Laughton and Anston Woodsetts have a combined population of 25,000. Therefore our fair share of officers is 50, but lets put 25 back into a central pot for specialised duties etc. This should leave 25 police officers based at Dinnington, with 6 on duty at any one time.

I remind you that since the Dinnington police station closed we have had a killer clown attack, a murder in Dinnington and another in Laugton. Other crime also seems to be getting out of control. There are probably other serious incidents that have happened that we are unaware of.

Yours in anticipation

Petition signatures

Copy to: Assistant chief constable David Hartley

Yours Tim


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