Victoria st Dinnington Allotments

When I was a school child back in the late 70’s, these allotments were worked.  They have been disused for probably 20 years and have become a dumping ground for environmental pollution.  I have been trying to get these allotments cleaned up for the last two years as they attract so much trouble.

Since the recent murder in Dinnington, Rotherham council have taken my concerns more seriously.  I met with Rotherham council senior executives and a number of local Dinnington town councillors a few weeks ago, to inspect the site and see what could be done.  Enforcement orders were served on landowners to fence off and clean up.  Work is now progressing on three out of the four allotments.  You can see two videos of the allotments before the work started and the flicker picture trail will show before and after.

01-Allotments 005

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